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Detailing Specialist In New Lenox, IL

Discover the ultimate in automotive care with our unparalleled protection services! At MQ Detailing, we pride ourselves on being the protection specialists you've been searching for. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and safeguard its appearance with our expertise in detailing, ceramic coating, and paint protection film in New Lenox, IL.


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for cars is a protective layer applied to the exterior surfaces, enhancing shine and providing long-lasting defense against contaminants and weathering.


Paint Correction

Paint correction is a meticulous process that involves polishing and refining a vehicle's paintwork to eliminate imperfections, such as scratches and swirl marks, and enhance its overall appearance.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear, durable layer applied to a vehicle's exterior surfaces to shield against rock chips, road debris, and other potential damage while preserving the original paint



Process that involves cleaning, restoring, and enhancing both the interior and exterior surfaces to achieve a polished and well-maintained appearance.


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21644 S Schoolhouse Rd, New Lenox, IL 60451, USA

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